Laboratory Services



WRA has a team of highly skilled and dedicated technicians furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, to perform more than 40 different tests on a variety of water samples.


Laboratories under the Water Resources Authority (WRA) are tasked under the objectives of WRA to test both drinking and waste water from water sources from all over the region on various water quality aspects.

Locations of the Laboratories are as follows;


  • Central water laboratory- Nairobi, industrial area along Dunga Road.
  • Mombasa WRA lab
  • Kisumu WRA lab
  • Kakamega WRA lab


  • Nyeri WRA lab
  • Nakuru WRA lab
  • Embu WRA lab




Tests carried out

Physical/Chemical Analysis : These are tests physical tests such as Conductivity, pH and tests to establish chemical content for water that is to be used for domestic , industrial , irrigation, medical purposes.

Bacteriological analysis:  These are microbiological tests to establish the bacterial content in water. Such tests include Feacal Coliforms, Ecoli, Residual Chlorine, Chlorine Demand, Salmonella. These tests are for determining suitability of water for drinking, in water pools, dosage quantities for water treatment companies among other uses.

Effluent Analysis: in this laboratory waste water samples from factories, water treatment plants are tested to make sure it conforms to the set waste water disposal standards.

Our clients

Every year the Central Water Testing Laboratories gives water analytical services to thousands of clients both corporate and individuals .Some of our major clients include;


  • Nairobi Water And Sewerage Company
  • Mavoko Water And Sewerage Company- MAVWASCO
  • China Wu Yi corporation Ltd
  • The Ministry of Water and Irrigation


  • Maji Africa Ltd.
  • AAR Japan
  • Vajra Drill Limited
  • Agro Irrigation
  • Team and Team International



Faster services

With the full implementation of ISO, clients are enjoying faster turnaround times. Clients can expect to get their results faster. This has ensured that we deliver quality laboratory services on time.

Mobile Payments

With the integration of mobile payments in our operations, now you can pay for laboratory services quickly and conveniently in any location.



Modern Machinery

With the purchase of modern machinery the laboratory can ensure that quality of service is guaranteed for all services provided


Collaborations with various national and international institutions

Institutions such the international Atomic Energy Agency, World Vision and Athi Services Board have partnered with the laboratory to provide water analysis services in various projects.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of specialized Water Analytical Chemists, Biologists and Technologists.



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Telephone:   0720560712/0773903729


Location:     Dunga Road, Industrial Area.