Construction & Rehabilitation of Surface Water Monitoring Stations


Construction & Rehabilitation of Surface Water Monitoring Stations


The Construction and Rehabilitation of monitoring stations is done to ensure availability of regular data on water flows. The project will involve two activities – the first one involves automating 10 sites through installing multi-parameter telemetric stations which allow for water level measurements and other water resources data collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted real time to receiving equipment for monitoring.

The second activity: Rehabilitation of 60 Regular gauging stations begins with fulfilling two prerequisites (which have been carried out so far ):

These include Technical assessment and extraction of information from the Daily History (DH) files.

The major areas to focus on during the technical assessment are;

The assessment of the control itself, i.e. the hydraulic condition of the station and its ability to provide a unique (unambiguous) relationship between the stage (water level) and the discharge and to which extent the control (and thereby the stage-discharge relationship) will remain stable is the most important part of the assessment.

  1. Extracting necessary information from the DH files.

The actual rehabilitation of 60 RGSs will involve any of the following activities (based on a need by case basis):

Replacement of gauge plates

Installation of struts and gauge plates

Establishment of a benchmark

In all cases a cross-section and establishment of a benchmark (where not found) will be done

So far WRA has 220 RGS stations in place.



Proposed sites for Automation of telemetric stations

Station ID Region River Location
1lA03 LVSCA Nyangores


Boment Centre
1HD09 LVSCA Awach Upstream of Kendu bay
1FG02 LVNCA Yala Yala Town
4EAO7 TANA Mutonga Meru Mate Road
4BE01 TANA Maragua Ichichi bridge
4DD 02 TANA Thiba Kutus
2B21 RVCA Turkwell Lodwar Bridge
3BA29 ATHI Nairobi Museum
3FO9 ATHI Athi Kibwezi Bridge
5DA07 ENNCA Isiolo Isiolo town water Intake



Proposed Stations for rehabilitation


Station ID Region River Location/Subregion
3HA13 ACA Sabaki Coastal Athi
3KBO1 ACA Umba Coastal Athi
3LA05 ACA Voi Coastal Athi
3F07 ACA Greater Kiboko Middle Athi
3F09 ACA Kibwezi Middle Athi
3F06 ACA Kibwezi Middle Athi
3BA29 ACA Nairobi Nairobi
3BA32 ACA Nairobi Nairobi
3JI5C ACA Lumi Nolturesh
3G002 ACA Ngarelen Nolturesh
Misc ACA Namanga Nolturesh
3G001 ACA Nolturesh Nolturesh
3G003 ACA Olchoro Nolturesh
3G02 ACA Tsavo Nolturesh
3J17 ACA Challa Nolturesh
3DA02 ACA Athi Upper Athi
3BB12 ACA Kamiti Upper Athi
3BB11 ACA Kiu Upper Athi
3CBO5 ACA Ndarugu Upper Athi
3BCO8 ACA Ruiru Upper Athi
3BDO5 ACA Thiririka Upper Athi
5DA08 ENNCA Isiolo Isiolo
5ED01 ENNCA Ewaso Ng’iro Nanyuki
5BC02 ENNCA NaroMoru Nanyuki
5DA01 ENNCA Ngare Nything


5BC22 ENNCA Sirimon Nanyuki
5BE05 ENNCA Teleswani Nanyuki
5H01 ENNCA Daua Nanyuki
5AD01 ENNCA Mutara Rumuruti
5AB04 ENNCA Pesi Rumuruti
5AD02 ENNCA Suguroi Rumuruti
1FF03 LVNCA Edzawa Eldoret
1FE02 LVNCA Yala Eldoret
1AD02 LVNCA Malakisi Kitale
1DB01 LVNCA Kuywa Kitale
1BB02 LVNCA Losorua Kitale
1BB01 LVNCA Nzoia Kitale
1DA02 LVNCA Nzoia Kitale
1EB02 LVNCA Isiukhu Siaya
1DD01 LVNCA Nzoia Siaya
1AH01 LVNCA Sio Siaya
1KB05 LVSCA Gucha-Migori Kisii
KCO3 LVSCA Migori Kisii
KB01 LVSCA Gucha Macalda Kisii
1HBO5 LVSCA Awach Seme Kisumu
1GG01 LVSCA Namuting Kisumu
1HA11 LVSCA Nyamasaria Kisumu
1JC019 LVSCA Kimugu Mara-Sondu
1JF08 LVSCA Kipsonoi Mara-Sondu
1JD04 LVSCA Yurith Mara-Sondu
2EA1 RVCA Maji Tamu Kabarnet
2EG3 RVCA Molo Kabarnet
2C08 RVCA Kerio Kabarnet
2FC16 RVCA Njoro Naivasha
2FC13B RVCA Sewerage Effluent Naivasha
2EB7 RVCA Waseges Naivasha
2K06 RVCA Seyapei Narok
2K04 RVCA Ewaso Nyiro South Narok
2K10 RVCA Mosiro Narok
2B28 RVCA Weiwei Kapenguria
2B32 RVCA Muruny Kapenguria
2B34 RVCA Kotoruk Kapenguria
4DC03 TCA Rupingazi Kerugoya
4DC611 TCA Kapingazi Kerugoya
4G01 TCA Tana at Garissa Garissa
4G02 TCA Tana at Garsen Garissa
4F20 TCA Thangatha Meru
4F09 TCA Gura Meru
4F19 TCA Kathita Meru
4F17 TCA Thingithu Meru
4AB06 TCA Amboni Muranga
4BE09 TCA Maragua Muranga