The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has set out to support the upgrading of Hydrometric Networks within the IGAD countries under the Hydrological Cycle Observation System, IGAD-HYCOS Project. This is in line with the objectives of the project which is to: provide adequate infrastructure for hydrological observation and appropriate regional cooperation in information exchange among participating countries; develop strong and sufficient technical and institutional capacity to collect, store and disseminate timely and accurate hydrological information; and to enable the efficient and economic management of national water resources.

In Kenya, the IGAD-HYCOS Project National Focal Point officer sits at the Ministry of Water. The installation of the hydrometric (telemetric) equipment is done by Water Resources Authority (WRA) and supervised by A WRA hydrologist. Fifteen Regular Gauging Stations (RGSs) in Kenya were earmarked for upgrading to telemetry.

IGAD-HYCOS stations in Kenya


Installation of fourteen GPRS telemetric equipment had been completed by December 2016. The equipment installed included water level, temperature/humidity and rainfall sensors which are connected to a Data Collection Platform (DCP).  All the sensors are set to log on hourly basis and automatically push (transmit) data to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) every three hours. The system transmits data using GPRS communications protocols and can be accessed using the computer, tablet or smartphone via a web-based automatic data collection software application.



Logger house with Rainfall and Humidity sensors    




          Data Collection Point (inside the logger house)



Stations where telemetric equipment have been installed under IGAD-HYCOS Project

  Station ID STATION Region
1 1AH01 Sio River Lake Victoria North Catchment Area
2 1GD03 Nyando River Lake Victoria South Catchment Area
3 1JG04 Sondu River Lake Victoria South Catchment Area
4 1KB05 Gucha Migori River Lake Victoria South Catchment Area
5 1LA04 Mara River Lake Victoria South Catchment Area
6 2FC19 Njoro River Rift Valley Catchment Area
7 2K04 Ewaso Ng’iro South River Rift Valley Catchment Area
8 2EE07B Perkerra  River Rift Valley Catchment Area
9 3DA02 Athi River at Munyu Athi Catchment Area
10 3HA13 Sabaki River Athi Catchment Area
11 3KG01 Umba  River Athi Catchment Area
12 4G01 Tana River Tana Catchment Area
13 4BE10 Tana River at Rukanaga Tana Catchment Area
14 5ED01 Ewaso Ng’iro River at Archer’s Post Ewaso Ng’iro North Catchment Area